This Is The Best Tattoo Cover Up We've Ever Seen

This Is The Best Tattoo Cover Up We've Ever Seen

An awful Pikachu tattoo has been given a new lease of life after being transformed into a "modern day Pikasso".

And the end result is a real treat to behold...

Somewhere in the world, a (probably very pissed off) Pokémon fan was sporting a botched Pikachu tattoo.

But fate clearly had other plans for the not-so-proud tattoo owner, after they were given a second chance to redeem their terrible inking.

And the amended version is truly fabulous.

The new tattoo presents the botched version as a drunken self-portrait of a very realistic Pikachu, who is painting onto a canvas with a bottle of beer placed by his feet.

Reddit user, Donnol, posted the hilarious before and after shot on the social sharing site.

And while this is pretty freakin' cool in itself, the response from this Reddit user was definitely the icing on the cake...

Brilliant, just brilliant.

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