This Teen's Coming Out Yearbook Quote Is Fantastic

Screw the cheesy memories and inspirational Martin Luther King quotes, your high school yearbook is a time for sass, wit and swag.

Enter Maxwell Barrett, who nailed it in one - using the opportunity to come out to his parents.

"I wanted to go out with a bang," Barrett, who lives in New Jersey in the US, told The Huffington Post. "I had never done sports, or clubs. I was always just an art student. I wanted to go out in a way people would remember me by!" He added that he didn’t come up with the quote completely on his own, but had rephrased a similar quote he'd seen online.

But Barrett's quote nearly didn't make it. Speaking to Cosmopolitan, he said a teacher pulled it from the publication, saying she didn't like the quote and the teen was trying to give himself "shock value".

After fellow students and other teachers helped him petition the principal, the 18-year-old's quote was allowed in.

Kudos must also go to Caitlyn Cannon, who last week went viral for her superb calling out of sexism - whilst also nodding her perfectly coiffed hair to gay rights, too.

Bravo all round.

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