Ethan's Father Tells Of Relief


The father of a three-year-old boy who went on the run for 17 days with his mother during a bitter custody battle has spoken of his "huge relief" that his son has been returned safely.

Roger Williams, 39, described the last few weeks and months as a "time of immense anxiety and distress", and said he is grateful to everyone who helped bring his son Ethan home.

Mr Williams, from Burnham on Sea, Somerset, released a short statement days after his ex-partner Rebecca Minnock, 35, handed herself into the authorities with their son Ethan.

"I am hugely relieved and grateful that Ethan has been returned safely and is now able to resume a calm, normal daily routine," he said.

"The last few weeks and months have been a time of immense anxiety and distress for Ethan and for me and my family.

"I am very grateful to the authorities, the family court, my legal advisers and members of the press for the hard work that has gone into ensuring this situation is resolved in Ethan's best interests.

"My primary focus is on Ethan and his wellbeing and I would ask that the matters that remain to be addressed are considered in a calmer atmosphere and without the glare of the media."

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