Mexican Student Cheerleaders Perform Controversial Nazi-Themed Routine

Eyebrows were raised after a cheerleading squad performed a Nazi-themed routine at a dance competition, resplendent with military outfits, swastikas and arm bands.

The competition, held in the western city of Guadalajara in Mexico, hosted 192 teams which all choreographed their own routines. The team in question, which is not being identified by organisers over security fears, comprised of around 24 young women and one boy.

The dance troupe marched and waved red flags

One girl even appeared to give a Nazi salute to the crowd at the end of the dance.

Event organizer Enrique Casas said he would not identify the team for security reasons, because the comments on social media sites "have been a little aggressive", he told the Associated Press.

The performance ended with the majority of the dancers being shrouded in a huge swastika flag

"The comments have gone beyond freedom of expression ... and have included direct insults against the girls."