Chipotle Supports LGBT Pride Events With Amazing 'Homo Estás' Ad Campaign


Fast food company, Chipotle, have been causing a stir at Pride events across the U.S. with their LGBT-friendly advertising campaigns.

The burrito mega-chain handed out 'which way do you sway?' badges and had staff wearing t-shirts emblazoned with their Pride slogan 'Homo Esás,' a play on '¿cómo estás?', which means 'how are you?' in Spanish.

Many took to Twitter in favour of Chipotle's presence at Pride, with one user writing: "If this isn't beautiful I don't know what is."

The chain have had floats at Pride events across the U.S. for the past few years, and are most famous for their phallic 'burrito bronco'.

Chipotle placed full-page adverts in Pride guides to publicise their non-discriminatory benefits stance.

The welcome Pride campaign comes just weeks after Chipotle enforced a new gun policy, advising customers not to bring firearms into their stores, after gun-rights advocates bought weapons into a Dallas store.

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