19/06/2015 13:27 BST | Updated 19/06/2015 13:59 BST

The Week In Funny Tweets

This week saw both Donald Trump and Jeb Bush announcing their presidential runs, meaning satirists across the world could take the next 6 weeks off. Here's a round up of all the week's big news, illustrated with funny tweets:

It turned out a woman named Rachel Dolezal had been pretending to be black...

Some totally shocking and not obvious news came out about jobseekers:

This actually happened:

Jurassic World was released and did really well at the box office:

Nick Grimshaw was named as one of the new X Factor judges:

Jeb Bush kicked off his presidential campaign...

And so did Donald Trump...

And a Brit won loads of money on the Euromillions:

Chris Evans was announced as the new host of Top Gear:

The Foo Fighters cancelled Glasto because Dave Grohl broke his leg:

Arsene Wenger wore this shirt:

Loads of people did a Tough Mudder and even more people had to hear about people doing Tough Mudder:

Piccadilly Circus had a power cut:

This happened:

The Pope went on a really strange rant:

And they decided to spend almost £6bn repairing parliament while making £12bn of spending cuts.