21/06/2015 05:58 BST | Updated 22/06/2015 07:59 BST

‘Top Gear': Carol Vorderman Claims Jeremy Clarkson WAS Offered His Job Back - She Saw It Happen

Carol Vorderman has weighed in on the ongoing debate over whether Jeremy Clarkson was offered his ‘Top Gear’ role back, after being sacked following the world’s most infamous “fracas”, stating that she saw the offer being made.

Since Jeremy commented that he was asked back by the Beeb, there’s been debate over whether he was telling the truth, fuelled by the show’s new presenter Chris Evans, who slammed the claims.

Carol Vorderman

The paper adds that Jeremy told trainee pilot Carol: “They have just offered me my job back and I said no.”

The incident is believed to have taken place on 8 June, just a week before Chris was announced as the show’s new host.

There’s been plenty of drama since Chris was charged with resurrecting the motoring programme, and on Friday, he angered a number of fans with a cheeky joke on ‘The One Show’.

As the credits were about to roll, the Radio 2 presenter couldn’t resist cheekily closing the show with, “And on that bombshell…”, which is Jezza’s ‘Top Gear’ catchphrase.

Chris has quit his ‘The One Show’ role to concentrate on ‘Top Gear’, and it’s believed that once two more co-hosts have been found, filming will kick off later this year.

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