The Internet Goes Crazy After Seeing This Bizarre Baby X-Ray Device

You might have never thought about what a baby would look like getting an X-ray, but after one man found out about a strange device used to keep babies still, he felt he had to share his discovery with the internet.

The user posted the photo below on Reddit, which prompted thousands of comments.

Stuck in a plastic tube with his arms pressed tightly up against his ears, a blank face and no room to shuffle, we agree it doesn't look like the most comfy position.

Named the "Pigg-O-Stat", the machine is said to imobilise children to do an X-ray without complications.

Reddit users have gone crazy over the photo, which racked up more than three million views and 2,000 comments within just two days.

One commenter rightly said: "As an X-ray tech, I have never used this. Also, if a kid is being that calm in the Pigg-o-stat, they don't need to be in the pigg-o-stat...."

And someone else said they "thought it was a blender".

Other comments ranged from joking about this being the way that a baby is delivered to congratulating him for not crying.

The Pigg-O-Stat website states: "The Pigg-O-Stat is an all-in-one pediatric immobilization device designed for positioning infants and young children for an appropriate x-ray without significant complications."

It claims the product is the "World’s Top Clinically-Proven, Time-Tested, and Medically-Trusted Pediatric Immobilizer".

One YouTube channel has posted an example video of how the device works using a dummy.

The baby is in the device, while an external machine does the X-ray.

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