London Blobfish Café Wants Prove There's More To The 'World's Ugliest Animal' Than First Meets The Eye

A Blobfish Café Is Set To Open In London

With the recent onslaught of quirky eateries, including an owl bar and a fox café, we thought we'd seen all London had to offer in terms of animal-themed establishments.

But a café is due to open featuring an animal unlike any other.

That's right folks, the world's first Blobfish Café is set to take the capital by storm.

Now before you dismiss this as just another hipster fad, The Blobfish Café has a very important purpose.

The fishy became an internet sensation after it was voted the World’s Ugliest Animal in 2013, but the people behind the café want the public "to be able to look the blobfish in the eyes".

They say there's more to this animal than its grumpy-looking features and they want to educate the public about the blobfish and its environment.

"Over the past 18 months we have been working with some of the world’s top marine biologist to understand how we can safely transport and comfortably home these deep sea dwellers," the cafe's website states.

"And the hard work has finally paid off. We have secured our perfect venue (not easy when you need to recreate a deep ocean environment!) and work on ‘the tank’ has begun in earnest."

The eatery currently has three Blobfish all packed and ready for their London holiday – Barry, Lady Swift and Lorcan. The latter already has his very own Twitter account.

The Blobfish Café will serve light lunches and more substantial evening meals. They'll also be holding weekly gourmet nights, during which they'll serve an eight course deep sea-themed tasting menu.

But blobfish enthusiasts will have to wait a while before dining at this eatery - the café doesn't plan to open its doors in East London until summer 2016.

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