Alan Titchmarsh Swore Live On BBC Breakfast, But Twitter Has His Back

The Sweetest Man On TV Just Swore Live On BBC Breakfast...

The nation's favourite TV gardener, Alan Titchmarsh, is trending on Twitter for swearing live on BBC Breakfast.

The sweet and unassuming Titchmarsh managed to slip the B-word into a segment about trenching (or "bastard trenching," as he called it...) forcing Breakfast hosts to apologise for his potty mouth.

Turns out, Titchmarsh doesn't actually just "absolutely hate trenching," he was actually using the correct horticultural term for what is commonly called 'double digging'.

Twitter caught on to "lovely cuddly" Titchmarsh's slip-up and rushed to his defence.

However, there were obviously a few people who saw that Titchmarsh was trending and automatically assumed he'd died...

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