Dad And Daughter Celebrate Birthdays With 39 Random Acts Of Kindness

This dad and daughter duo have melted our hearts by choosing to mark their birthdays by completing 39 random acts of kindness.

Lee Beck turned 32 in May, and his daughter, Amélie, turned seven.

Beck thought this was the perfect opportunity to teach his daughter a lesson about the importance of kindness in a way she'll never forget.

But rather than being satisfied with just helping one person carry their shopping home, Beck and Amélie decided to add their ages together and try for 39 kind gestures.

Once Beck and his daughter had completed their tasks, Beck shared a video of their escapades on YouTube.

"We had such an amazing time making some people happy," he wrote on YouTube.

"Best of all was the opportunity to meet so many kind people along the way. So many of them give so much up to help others, and they are all a credit to our communities.

"We are happy that we were able to be involved together on this birthday challenge!"

The pair brainstormed lots of ideas before settling on the 39 acts of kindness, which included:

Leaving money for children's rides.

Writing to the manager of a restaurant complementing the waiter on his service.

Donating books to the Oxford Children's Library.

Leaving a pot of pennies by a local wishing bridge for people to use to make their own wishes.

Watch the video below to see all 39:

Fallen Soldier's Tribute

Random Acts Of Kindness