'Doctor Who' TARDIS Is Pictured On 'Coronation Street', Sending Fans Into Meltdown

The TARDIS from ‘Doctor Who’ has been spotted on the set of ‘Coronation Street’, sparking a meltdown from fans of the sci-fi show.


The official ‘Doctor Who’ Twitter account posted a picture of the famous blue police box outside the Rovers Return pub on Wednesday (24 June) morning, sparking much intrigue.

They cheekily wrote alongside the snap: “Time and Relative Dimension in Weatherfield? Oi! @itvcorrie we hope you’re looking after our TARDIS!”

Fans immediately took to Twitter to speculate what the picture could mean:

It was then revealed that Radio 1 DJ Greg James may have something to do with it, as they then posted a snap of him emerging from the TARDIS.

“We’ll see what’s happening soon, @itvcorrie… In the meantime don’t let Todd Grimshaw in the TARDIS! @gregjames @bbcr1,” they added.

Greg himself then tweeted: “Urrrrm. Yeah I had a little idea and I maaay have got slightly carried away.”

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