Mars 'Pyramid' Is Proof Of Alien Life Claim UFO Hunters

There's A Pyramid On Mars And Everyone Is Freaking Out

A mysterious 'pyramid' has been discovered on the surface of Mars that proves the existence of alien life claim a group of UFO hunters.

The pyramid-shaped object was found by the paranormal YouTube channel ParanormalCrucible and supposedly shows an artificial object that mimics the Great Pyramids of Ancient Egypt.

It was found buried within video footage from NASA's Curiosity rover however ParanormalCrucible claim that NASA deliberately chose not to take any more footage of the shape.

The site says: "Due to the size of the object about the scale of a small car I would theorize that the artefact is either the capstone of a much larger pyramid possibly buried deep beneath the surface or perhaps a marker stone."

One does wonder then why they would allow one picture to go unchecked and yet hold back hundreds of others.

The Ceres 'pyramid'

Incredibly though this isn't the first pyramid-shaped object to be discovered outside of Earth.

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft is currently getting ever closer to the mysterious dwarf planet Ceres. The photos its been sending back however have had the world more than a little puzzled thanks to the discovery of two shining lights seen on the surface.

While NASA is yet to come up with an explanation for the lights, it has also discovered what looks to be a gigantic three-mile high pyramid on its surface.

The enormous structure appears to be naturally made, however no-one's really sure how it got there or indeed why it ended up becoming such a perfect pyramid.

Dawn is expected to get closer to the planet in the coming days with the next batch of images expected to come through post-30 June so hopefully we should know more by then.

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