Grandmas Attempt To Define Modern Day Slang Terms (And It's Rather Hilarious)

If we needed further proof that kids these days talk codswallop, then this is it.

A gaggle of grandmas were asked by Elite Daily LABS to define an assortment of slang terms including ratchet, whip and f*ck boy.

And while their responses were mostly incorrect, they certainly made for comedy gold.

One woman believes that a "f*ck boy" is somebody who is "really cute and really fuckable" when in reality, it's actually defined as somebody who acts immaturely and is the opposite of a gentleman..

"Like Justin Bieber, he's a fuck boy," she says.

Meanwhile another woman believes that "shade", which means "to act in a disrespectful manner", is the new word for pimp.

To be honest, we think they did well as even we couldn't define some of these ourselves... I mean, what on earth is turnt?!


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