Identical Outfit Couple Donald And Nancy Featherstone Are A Match No More

Couple Who Wore Identical Clothes For 37 Years Are A Match No More

It's the end of the line for a couple who proved matching outfits are the key to lasting love.

Donald and Nancy Featherstone had been married for 37 years and in this time they had filled four wardrobes with symmetrical attire.

Donald, who was also the inventor of the pink flamingo as a lawn ornament, has sadly passed away at the age of 79.

Fun fact: Donald invented the pink flamingo

Initially the identical suits only happened on weekends.

It all began when Nancy started to craft shirts for her husband and had fabric left over and so she decided to make shirts for herself too.

Discussing the quirky attire Nancy told Modamob: “Donald suggested I make our bottom halves match too so, we started amassing a whole wardrobe of clothes.”

“Initially, we matched only on weekends, but as I grew adept at making more complex garments, such as jackets, sweaters and coats, we decided to go full time with our identical look. We never needed to go clothes shopping again.”

His And Hers Outfits

The identical pair astonishingly organised all their ensembles together by season and occasion.

Each day was a race to the closet and the winner could choose their outfits for the day.

And if you're wondering what people thought of them, well, Nancy told Modamob: “We got lots of compliments and people who would normally just walk on by stopped to talk to us.”

A lot can be learned from the confidence of this pair and their outfit contributions will be deeply missed.

We salute you Donald and Nancy Featherstone.

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