This Airborne Selfie Stick Photo Might Be Impossible To Beat

The concept of a selfie stick is not new, however it is only until now that the general public has decided that it's acceptable for them to exist.

Now it's not our place to say either way, but what is undeniable is that they're like about as much as Marmite is, eliciting a response that ranges from abject rage to shameful admiration.

Well we've just found the picture that could unite both parties in accepting that whether you like them or not, this probably 'wins'.

Posted on Twitter by aerial photographer Antony Loveless the incredible photograph shows three US airmen casually hanging out at the rear end of what appears to be a transport plane.


Breaking an almost countless number of regulations in the process, the photo succeeds through the utterly relaxed nature of the people in the picture. Remove the 15,000 ft drop and they could just have easily been stood in a bar.

And yet they are 15,000 ft up, which is why for us, this is the ONLY selfie stick photo that gets our nod of approval.