'Big Brother' 2015: James Jordan Talks Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, 'Misunderstood' Marc O'Neill And Being 'Honest... Not Opinionated', Ahead Of House Return (EXCLUSIVE)


James Jordan has made his return to the ‘Big Brother’ house, for what is now his third appearance in the Channel 5 reality series, following his ‘CBB’ stint last summer, and brief return to the house for a task in January.


Before storming the house for what promises to be an exciting 24 hours as one of Hotel BB’s latest guests, he managed to squeeze in a chat with HuffPost UK Entertainment, where he told us he had every intention of being the James Jordan we’ve all come to know and… well… actually, just know, in the house.

“There’s people in that house who I think should put more clothes on,” he tells us, “There’s people who have forgotten they’re on a TV show, making TV, and they just slob around the house, thinking they’re sitting at home, waiting for their mum to come and wipe their arse - and I will say what I think, if they ask my opinion.

James Jordan

“But I’m not going in there necessarily to be horrible to people. I don’t want to be horrible to people, I’m going in there to be a terrible hotel guest. And you can do that in a fun way, rather than a malicious way. So hopefully, I’m going to bring a bit of fun to the house, which I feel is missing at the moment.

“I don’t look at myself as being opinionated - isn’t that funny? If someone asks me a question, I’ll tell them what I think. But I’m just very honest. A lot of the people in this world now, have become so scared to be honest, because of the PC brigade, but I wouldn’t say that I’m opinionated, I just say what I think.”

James also told us a bit about what he thinks about a few of this year’s contestants, and revealed that, if it were up to him, Sam Kay and Jack McDermott would both be given their marching orders.

Jack McDermott

When we asked him to name two housemates to nominate, he explained: “I would nominate Aisleyne [Horgan-Wallace]. Oh I can’t, can I? Well, I’d nominate Jack and Sam, probably. Because they’re boring!

“It’s ‘Big Brother’. If you’re going to go on a show like ‘Big Brother’ - they all did their VTs before they went on the show, ‘I’m this and I’m this and I’m gonna do this’, and they’re not! They lied, didn’t they? They all lied, to get on the show, and then they didn’t deliver.”

He also gave us his view on Marc O’Neill, undeniably one of this year’s most talked-about and controversial contestants, revealing he thinks the stripper and science student is actually just misunderstood.

“I know everyone says that Marc is a vile person, blah blah blah, but without him in the house, it’d be pretty boring. Everyone says that he is bullying people, but that’s a horrible word to use. I don’t believe that he’s bullying people, I don’t believe that he’s a malicious person. I think he sometimes says things which cross the line, one hundred per cent. Sometimes I watch things he says and I cringe, and I think, ‘why have you just said that??’, but I do also find him very funny.

“I just think he doesn’t take himself too seriously, he’s trying to have a laugh, he says what he thinks, if people piss him off - it doesn’t matter who it is - he’ll tell them. So he seems quite true to himself, which I quite like.

“Some people don’t like people like that, they find them obnoxious or they find them too confident. Yeah, he’s a confident person, that doesn’t make him a bad person. But he says what he thinks - it doesn’t make him a bad person.”

Marc O'Neill

Aisleyne, on the other hand, was spoken about by James somewhat less favourably.

“She kind of scares me a little bit, to be honest with you,” he joked, “I don’t really know Aisleyne, so I’m only going off what I’ve seen, but I do think sometimes she’s taken things a little bit too far. And it’s not her house, that’s the way I look at it.

“I don’t know why she’s taken everything so personally, when she’s not up for the £150,000. She’s not going to be sitting there when they’re calling out third place, so why is she getting so involved? I’m not going to be sitting up in the Diary Room going *puts on Aisleyne voice* ‘Oh it’s so hard in here, it’s horrible… I hate Marc’, I just don’t get it. I don’t understand it.

“But I wouldn’t wanna go up against her because I think she’d kick the living shit out of me.”

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

Since she’s been in the house, Aisleyne has also been seen enjoying a few cheeky drinkypoos, which culminated in her falling over a chair in Tuesday night’s show, though it sounds like James is sceptical about her drunken behaviour.

“OK, I’m going to be very honest with you,” he adds. “This whole falling over drunk business… I know for a fact that ‘Big Brother’ are only allowed to put in so many units of alcohol per evening.

“Now, I reckon that the amount of alcohol that is put into the ‘Big Brother’ house, I could probably just about drink on my own, and still be compos mentis, yeah? I don’t understand all this falling around pissed, because there’s not enough alcohol in there to get drunk.

“So either that’s a big act, or she’s a massive lightweight. One or the other.”

James Jordan, leaving the 'CBB' house last summer

When we ask him which former housemates he’d like to share a stay in ‘Hotel BB’ with, he’s stumped, but he can think of one in particular who he hopes won’t be dropping by.

“Definitely not Gary Busey!” he laughs, “Definitely don’t put him in there with me, honking his horn again *honks* that would drive me bloody mad. But just someone fun!

“There are people that I definitely would not want to go in that house with. If they’ve done that to me, this time, I’m not being paid enough, I can quite easily walk out that door.

“I’m doing this as a bit of fun, to go in the house and stir things up a little bit… It’d be nice to enjoy the 24 hours I’m in there and have a nice time doing the task that I’m doing, rather than going in there with some knob that I can’t stand, I wouldn’t really find that very funny.

“If it does happen, I’m probably stronger than them, so they’ll probably be more shocked to see me, than I am to see them, let’s put it that way. They’re probably more likely to walk than I would be. I’m not going to do a Brian Belo and jump over no wall.”

Find out how James gets on during his stay in ‘Hotel BB’ when he makes his arrival in Thursday’s episode of ‘Big Brother’, airing at 10pm on Channel 5.

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