Online Eyesight Test Can Tell You If You're (Literally) As Blind As A Bat When It Comes To Seeing Colours

This Online Sight Test Is The Most Addictive Thing You Will Do Today

Do you have the eyes of a hawk, or are you as blind as a bat when it comes to seeing colours?

A new online test will tell you how good your colour vision is, then tell you what type of animal you're most like.

To find out how your eyesight ranks, all you have to do is look at a set of squares and highlight which one differs in colour.

The test, created by iGame, sounds easy enough, but a few rounds in and the odd boxes get a lot more difficult to see.

"Humans can distinguish colours when incoming light reacts with the cone cells in the retina of eye," the iGame website explains.

"There are three types of cone cells. Based on how they respond to light of wavelengths you will perceive the three basic colours; red, green and blue. The rest of the colours are perceived as a result of your brain combining the different cone cells.

"Often it is claimed that women distinguish colours better than men. This is partly true since 2-3 % of women have also fourth type of cone cells instead of the normal three.

"This is called tetrachromacy. A person like this can distinguish up to 100 million different colour tones."

Most staff in our office turned out to be moles or dogs when we took the test - find out how you score by taking the test here.

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