Two-Year-Old Girls 'Destined To Be Best Friends' Take Toddler Fashion To A Whole New Level

Two-year-olds Everleigh Soutas and Ava Foley have developed a topnotch sense of style before they're even old enough to go shopping themselves.

The girls' mothers - Savannah Soutas and Michelle Foley - have been friends for ten years, and told Buzzfeed Life their daughters were "destined to be best friends" from the start.

Soutas is a professional photographer and her touching photos of the girls have lead to them getting modelling gigs with Guess and the Kardashian Kids Collection.

The girls' Instagram account called "Forever and Forava", using their first names, has garnered more than 100,000 followers.

And their love of accessories is pretty clear.

Soutas said the girls will go back inside to get a bow of a piece of jewellery if they walk out without them.

But aside from their love of fashion, their mothers told Buzzfeed they always have each other's back. TOO cute.

Yo bestie, share the playdough! Suits: @eve.jnr Glasses: @fjs_popshop Necklaces: @taylortotstrinkets PC: @littleredrosephotography

A photo posted by Fashion Models Ever & Ava xoxo (@foreverandforava) on

The Instagram posts done by their mothers detail and tag in the caption the brand of everything they are wearing, including their sunglasses.

The posts include shots done for professional kids clothes collections, as well as earlier ones which simply document their love of fashion.

With some shots that are posed and others looking completely natural, it doesn't seem that Everleigh and Ava have too much of a problem being in front of the camera.

BFFs toddlers have the whole package - the outfit, the shoes, the hairstyles, the sunglasses, the accessories, handbags and the sass. Serious sass.

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