What It's Like To Come Out As Transgender To 2.4 Million People Via Text Message

This Person Came Out As Transgender To 2.4 Million People... By Text Message

Coming out as LGBT is hard -- whether it's to your parents, your friends or your colleagues. Imagine what it feels like to come out to 2.4 million people all at once by sending a single text message.

That's exactly what Freddie Bologno did last week.

Bologno, who prefers to use gender-neutral pronouns (they, them, their), works with DoSomething.org as a mobile engagement manager. Their job is to get young people involved and excited about social issues via mediums they connect with everyday, like SMS messages.

For three years, Bologno has been texting the company's two million strong audience as Alysha, but when they came out as transgender, they were faced with a difficult decision.

Bologno told Mashable: "There was that option of 'ok do we just say Alysha has left, and Freddie's taking over now,' but that feels gross. I'm not a television character that gets killed off. I'm a real person, So to hold true to that best practice we have of being authentic and honest, the only option was to send this text today."

The text gave users three options: a) ask a question, b) support by sharing a song under the hashtag #ReadyForFreddie, or c) neither.

Bologno said: "I've just been blown away by how positive the responses have been. That's so amazing to see. I have so much faith in this generation."

Several LGBT celebrities including musicians, Tegan and Sara, and YouTube star, Tyler Oakley, tweeted out their supportive celebratory songs.

Nice one Freddie.

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