06/07/2015 11:22 BST | Updated 07/07/2015 10:00 BST

'Married At First Sight': New Channel 4 Show Asks Could YOU Wed A Complete Stranger And Make A Successful Marriage?

Could you marry someone you'd literally just met?

Three couples set out to do just that in the interests of a scientific experiment on this week's Channel 4 show 'Married at First Sight'.

The series might sound like one of those Bachelorette-type shows we've happily imported from the US, but this show is actually a properly scientific look at the possibility of making a marriage work based on one meeting.

Channel 4 examines what happens when three couples set out to wed as complete strangers

With 15 million single adults now living in the UK, it seems not all traditional paths to romance have proved as successful as the fairytales would have us believe. The Channel 4 show starting this week is a ground-breaking series which asks if science can help to create a successful relationship and if the act of marriage itself helps create a psychological bond that leads to true and enduring love.

1,500 people applied to take part in the series, which has put three couples together with the intervention of, not Cupid's bow, but some match-making based on social evolution, social development and personality.

Once matched by the experts, the highly compatible couples will prepare to enter into a legally-binding marriage with a complete stranger - meeting for the very first time at their own wedding where they’ll declare ‘I do’.

For those that do decide to wed, the cameras will follow the couples during the first tentative weeks of their relationship as they share their honeymoon and then their daily lives with a complete stranger.

After five weeks, the couples will have to decide if they wish to stay together as husband and wife, or walk away from a marriage that theoretically could provide them with a soul mate and the long-lasting happiness they strongly desire.

Ultimately the show will ask if science can help us fall in love.

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'Married At First Sight' starts on Channel 4 on Thursday 9 July.