06/07/2015 06:53 BST | Updated 06/07/2015 15:59 BST

MiG-23 Fighter Jet Terrifies Bystander With Dangerously Low Flyby

Standing idly on a runway is never a good idea, especially when there's a remote chance that a fighter jet will use it to do a stupidly low flyby.

However, one clueless bystander had to learn this lesson the hard way after he had a dangerously close encounter with a Libyan MiG-23.

From his frantic scramble to dodge the jet, which was in its self quite a feat, it is safe to assume that he wasn't expecting the pilot to fly so close to the ground.

The pilot must have also been a certain kind of crazy to manoeuvre the aircraft so low -- a stunt that thankfully did not cost any lives.

As Jalopnik report The Free Libyan Air Force only have a few MiG-23s at their disposal, which in theory should leave little room for irrational flying.

While we recognise that standing on a runway in the flightpath of a fighter jet is not the norm for everyone, this 15-second video is a great lesson in what not to do should that remote possibility ever become a reality.