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Russell Brand Confronted By Man Over 'Bulls**t' Minute's Silence Tunisia Attack Comments

A friend of three of the victims who were gunned down in the Tunisian terror attacks confronted Russell Brand over comments he made that last week's minute's silence was "bullshit".

The comedian was cornered by a white van driver who wanted to know what he meant when he said that the silence was an "empty futile gesture" after 38 people were murdered at a holiday resort in Sousse.

Russell Brand challenged on his 'bullshit' comments about minute's silence for Tunisian victims by man who lost friends in the attacks

It has now been confirmed that 30 of those victims were British.

In a clip filmed by Brand and posted on The Trews YouTube channel, the 40-year-old is approached by a man called Rob, who tells Brand that he lost his friends Adrian and Pat Evans in the massacre.

Pat was on holiday with his son, Adrian, and his two grandsons, Joel and Owen Richards. 19-year-old Joel was also killed in the terror attack. Owen survived.

(L-R) Adrian Evans, Patrick Evans and Joel Richards at Walsall FC. All three were killed in the attacks

Rob says to Brand: "I just wanted to ask you a question about what you meant behind your comments regarding the minute's silence?"

The comedian tells Rob that the government has a list of countries hat have a poor record of human rights abuses, while at the same time enabling companies to arm these nations.

Brand continues: "Our actual government helps arms companies to sell weaponry to those countries.

"Well if you really care about these issues, if you want to do something about the situation, for one thing, don't sell weapons to those countries, don't arm them.

"Or if you think business is more important than people's lives, just sell the weapons and shut up."

The actor goes on to say that the government should not be holding such "gestures" if they are "contributing to creating the situation that led to their death".

"The stuff they say and the stuff they do is completely disconnected and for me this was one more example of 'oh we will do the minute's silence, we will march for Charlie Hebdo' but they are creating the problem."

He adds: "By all means have a minute's silence but also do the things that are actually affecting it."

The nation fell silent last week to honour those who were killed in the terror attacks.

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Rob, who listens calmly to Russell's answers, retorts: "It came across in the papers that you didn't give a toss."

Brand received a barrage of criticism levelled at him since he said that the minute's silence for the victims of the Tunisia massacre last week was a “minute of bullshit”.

Presenter, Jeremy Kyle, is the latest to lambast Brand for his comments.

In his column for The Sun, Kyle wrote: "Now even his own fans are queuing up to slap him down.

"Why? Because this week he tried to turn the dreadful Tunisian massacre into his own political football.

"His pathetic rant against the Government and corporations bore the usual Brand hallmarks. But this was different. It was more self-serving and more opportunistic than usual.


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But in Brand's exchange with Rob, the comedian goes on to say that he is not being disrespectful to the victims, but to the government.

Brand's lengthy explanations seem to have gone down well with Rob, who allowed the comedian to have more than his say.

Rob says: "I'll be honest, the reactions of the people around me was fucking hell who does he think he is? But obviously you have just explained."

The pair looked as though they parted on good terms, with Rob even giving Brand a ‘thumbs up’. When the driver tells Brand that when he saw him he thought he should ask the question, the comedian replies: "I'm fucking glad you asked me that question, Rob."