06/07/2015 15:29 BST | Updated 06/07/2016 06:12 BST

Would-Be Father Rod In A Tight Spot

Penny Lancaster has revealed husband Rod Stewart ditched his trademark tight trousers on doctor's orders while the couple were trying for a baby.

The model - who has two sons, Aiden and Alastair, with Stewart - told ITV's Loose Women about the unusual medical advice.

She said: "When Rod and I were trying to make our second child we were having a few troubles and a doctor said, 'Rod, you've got to forget wearing the tight pants and the trousers, okay? Get rid of the Calvin Kleins, do the loose boxer shorts, no hot baths'.

"Then I spoke with a very famous celebrity chef, who said he was having similar issues trying to produce a baby and they had told him one of the problems is because you are standing by the oven, and men are designed the way they are, to keep it on the outside of the body, to keep them cool and when they are standing there by the oven, they are heating them up.

"So anyone out there, any men, don't use this as an excuse necessarily, but if you're trying to make a baby and are having problems, don't go near the oven."

Lancaster was attempting to explain controversial comments she made that cooking "takes the masculinity" away from men and told the show she had said it out of concern for men's fertility.

She said: "I thought it was a very innocent comment at the time. I know there are many celebrity male chefs out there that are happy to cook and I'm sure there are a lot of men that are happy to cook, but to insist and make men have to stand at the oven, obviously it wouldn't be a joy to lots of men's ears and I kind of agree with that."