07/07/2015 13:08 BST | Updated 07/07/2015 17:59 BST

Ariana Grande's Fans Distraught After Doughnut-Licking Clip Surfaces Online (VIDEO)

Ariana Grande is facing a backlash, after a video has surfaced online, appearing to show her licking doughnuts on the counter of a shop.


TMZ have obtained footage of Ariana and dancer Ricky Alvarez, putting in an appearance at a doughnut shop in California over the weekend.

During their brief stay in the shop, the duo did two things that have got fans talking. First, Ariana is seen leaning in and subtlety attempting to licking the doughnuts on offer, then leaving them where they are. To be bought by other customers. Ew.

As if her tongue wasn’t getting enough action without all of that confectionary-licking, the video also shows Ariana and Ricky sharing a snog - which appears to prove that they are definitely dating.

Ariana and the offending doughnut

Nothing sets the mood quite like a side-street doughnut shop, that’s all we have to say.

Their kiss is interrupted, however, when a staff member brings out a new tray, to which Ariana responds: “What the f*** is that?”

Suffice to say, fans of the child-friendly singer are alarmed by the footage, to say the least - so much so that ‘Ariana’ and ‘Ricky’ quickly became two of the top trending topics on Twitter.

Here’s what some of the distressed Arianators (for that is what her fans refer to themselves as), have had to say online:

Seriously, though. We’ll tolerate a lot of diva behaviour from our fave popstars, but it just breaks our heart to see a good doughnut go to waste.

Ariana is currently enjoying a break from her ‘Honeymoon’ tour, which saw her play several UK venues last month, to promote her latest album, ‘My Everything’.

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