07/07/2015 18:03 BST | Updated 10/07/2015 08:59 BST

Manchester Bus Argument Is The Most Manchester Thing To Happen Since The '90s

An argument between a Manchester man and bus driver in a Manchester suburb is the most Manchester thing to happen since the Happy Mondays got stuck on the M62 en route to the Hacienda… in Manchester.

The four-minute clip, which is almost undecipherable, reached its denouement with the pedestrian telling the bus driver: “I have to tell you three times. One, I am a trained fighter, two, I am a trained fighter, three, I am a trained fighter. So if you put one finger on me mate I am going to wipe the floor with you.”

It is not known why the warning was said thrice.

The row was sparked when the bus driver blocked a car that was parked at the bus stop. Both antagonists wielded camera phones; both talked over each other like Sunday lunch at the Gallagher's.

Watch the video above.