07/07/2015 12:27 BST | Updated 08/07/2015 07:59 BST

Piers Morgan In Publicity Seeking Twitter Q&A Shocker - #AskPiers Predictably Full Of Anger, Hilarity And Trolling

In a surprising turn of events, outspoken TV host Piers Morgan's #AskPiers tweet session isn't quite going according to plan. Or is it?

The publicity-seeking rogue has somehow managed to garner a large amount of publicity - largely through people attacking his audacity in daring to seek more publicity, and thus giving him lots and lots of publicity.

The former editor of The Mirror invited Twitter to pose him questions for his column in The Mail on Sunday's Event Magazine using the hashtag #AskPiers. As always, Twitter was willing to oblige - although perhaps not entirely in the spirit that Morgan intended.

piers morgan

We think the TV host may have been ready for the bants

There were a number of oddly specific questions about the mechanics of mobile phones, but some did take it seriously and posed Morgan a few questions appealing to his sporting expertise.

Others were slightly confused, and thought they were being asked to ask a wooden promenade that lives in the sea questions, rather than a human being, chat show host and journalist.

And the rest were a great mix of both the crossing of personal boundaries, and the downright weird.

There were a number of tweeters asking questions far too rude for us to mention, but we think, somehow, Morgan won't be taking these too personally as he watches his hashtag rise through the trends. And asks himself some serious questions about who his favourite member of S Club 7 is.

We're calling it score draw: Twitter 1 Morgan 1