Mother Posts Honest Video About Being Judged As A Parent: 'People Will Talk S**t About You Whatever You Do'

the ugly judgement of society (w subtitles... share awayyy)

Posted by Nostril_Curl on Saturday, July 4, 2015

A video by Facebook vlogger Nostril_Curl highlighting the judgement women face when they become mothers has gone viral.

Communicating via sign language, the deaf mum gives contrasting examples in society to show that no matter what a mother does, she is always going to be judged.

She touches on topics including age, work, discipline and adoption and abortion.

The subtitled video begins: "Girl gets job. How can she stand to be away from her baby all day like that?

"Girl becomes a stay-at-home mum. She probably doesn't do anything all day but watch TV."

The video titled "the ugly judgement of society" has had more than nine million views on Facebook and 173,000 shares since it was uploaded on 4 July.

The vlogger frequently posts videos on Facebook with subtitles to share what life is like as a deaf mother and has accrued 26,000 Facebook likes.

The viral video seemed to hit home with many parents who were touched by the video.

One wrote: "Ah, the conflicted world we live in! You're so right! Thank you!"

Another said: "I just totally think you're amazing. I am or was a mother of two little girls that were taking away from me. But if only more people could grasp even one fraction of exactly what you're preaching, maybe just maybe the world wouldn't be so crazy and full of judgemental fools...

"Thank you sooo soo much you nailed it just NAILED it and it does not matter how you parent or live life... it's gonna be wrong in societies eyes. KEEP ON... you are very inspiring."

One father wrote: "Yup, only you can tell society to step down and mind their own business, I did that last month when they tried to tell me what to do with my two-month-old son last month in person."

Many others simply said "thank you" to the mother for posting the video - obviously something that resonated with them.

Proving that judgement will always be made, the vlogger finishes with: "No matter what you do, people will talk shit so do what's best for you."

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