Naomi Campbell On Why She Won't Retire: 'Fashion Has To Be More Diverse When It Comes To Colour'

Naomi Campbell has had an impressive 28-year career in fashion, with countless campaigns, over 500 magazine covers and an array of catwalk appearances - and she's not planning on retiring anytime soon.

In a new video interview series called Subjective, the 45-year-old supermodel discusses the lack of racial diversity in the fashion industry and how she feels it's her duty to fight for equal representation.

"I don’t even like to use the word racism. I call it more territorialism, where they just don’t want to budge. They don’t want to change their ideal and be more open-minded to just booking a beautiful girl regardless of colour," she told photographer Nick Knight.

Campbell, alongside fellow supermodel Iman and fashion activist Bethann Hardison, has been working on the campaign Balance Diversity, which notes how many models of colour were used in every runway show that occurs.

She revealed in the interview that in all 2014 runway shows only 6.8% of models were of color and some designers weren't using black models on their catwalks at all.

Campbell, who first started modeling at the tender age of 15, also revealed that she doesn't plan on retiring until the fashion industry changes for the better.

“I didn’t work 28 years for it to be a trend. That's one of the things that keeps me wanting to work. I can't duck out yet; I feel I still have to represent.”

Watch the full interview here:

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