PlayStation Now Looks Set To Become The Netflix Of Video Games

PlayStation's Amazing New App Is Like Netflix, But Replaces TV With Playable Video Games

PlayStation Now is the dream service for gamers: The chance to own a huge library of games on your PS4 but without ever needed to download them. You simply press a button and it starts streaming over the internet.

The problem was that it wasn't particularly easy to use, oh and that it's still not available in the UK.

Well Sony has solved at least one of those problems by making it far far easier to find and play games. Before you'd have to search through the PlayStation Store to find a game and then see if it was compatible with PlayStation Now and if so, hope that when you press play it all works.

This wasn't a viable long-term solution, so Sony's created a dedicated Netflix-style app that allows you to browse all the compatible games in one app.

The service allows you to play a library of new and old content including titles from the PlayStation 3, PS2 and PlayStation.

PS Now has been available in the US for a while now and has launched in the UK as a closed beta. At present prices seem pretty high but this is all based on what is essentially a testing model.

It's expected that Sony will roll out the service fully by the end of the year.

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