Tube Strike: Londoners Perfectly Happy To Drive The Trains Themselves For A Few Days

No, the apocalypse isn't coming, it's just a Tube strike.

You'd be forgiven for thinking the end of the world is nigh thanks to the fact that every Londoner's eyes are glazed over with fear, but it just means that The Underground won't be operating tonight and tomorrow due to a dispute over new working hours for night Tubes.

Breathe everyone. IT'S GOING TO BE OKAY.

But social media, not best known for its calm and measured approaches to situations like these, isn't going to take the Tube strike lying down. Many are outraged than an industrial action designed to cause disruption is, er, going to cause disruption.

Rather than spending their time working out handy alternative routes to work, plenty of Londoners wanted to make it clear that they could definitely drive a Tube just as adequately as any Tube driver. Wonder if they've got any spare time this evening?

Won't somebody think of the commuters?

Luckily, somebody did.


London Tube Strike