Woman Writes Hilarious 'Letter Of Complaint' To NHS Because She Doesn't Have Time To Read Her Book

When Yael Biran broke her elbow, she was gobsmacked by the service she received in an NHS hospital.

She decided to write a "letter of complaint" about her experience, mainly because she didn't have time to read her book due to the efficiency of staff.

The mother-of-two, from South East London, sent the letter to Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, who later posted the note online.

The letter read:

"Dear Lewisham PALs [patient, advice and liaison service],

I would like to complain about a visit I had to your A&E department on Monday the 15th of June 2015. Sorry in advance for my language, but this really upset me.

On Monday the 15th of June I fell and knew I broke something (turns out I broke my elbow) so I went to Lewisham A&E.

I came armed with a book to help me pass the waiting time! Actually enjoying the fact that I am going to get to read a book for a chance!

But no… the bloody nurse sees me in six minutes! Six ruddy minutes! All I had time for was to send a text, settle down, get my glasses out and find the right page, and they bloody call me in!

She then sends me to have an X-ray and says I need to sit in the X-ray waiting room. Yay, I think, a waiting room – I will get to read my book!

And so I don’t even bother to put anything back in the bag and happily skip to the X-ray waiting area, book in hand and glasses on top of head. I sit down and get seen within 37 seconds. The ba***rds.

All done and dusted and five minutes later I skip to the next waiting area to wait for the next nurse to see me.

By that point I think I owe myself a chocolate from the vending machine but waste five minutes trying to make it work (it didn’t – at least there is one thing you can count on in this A&E!). I then sit down comfortably, happy in the notion that surly, now… I will get at least a couple of chapters… but no!

Two minutes later I get to see the next nurse who is an absolute gem and is super nice, she explains everything, gives me a sling, and a tetanus shot and sends me on my way home! Home! Bloody rubbish!

I left home and came back in less than two hours! Seriously! Something must be done about this! What is a mum to do in order to get a few hours of quiet reading in this country???!!!

Sincerely yours,

A frustrated mother of two little boys who don’t give her a seconds rest.

P.S. You rock! :)”

Unsurprisingly, staff at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust were pretty chuffed with Biran's feedback, so their chief executive Tim Higginson sent her the below response, which she later posted on Facebook.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Biran said she finds it surreal that her letter has been shared in places such as Australia, Israel and Norway.

"When I log into Facebook I feel like a bit of a star, or at least my letter is a bit of a star," she said. "But once I log off life is just as is."

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