'When Mine Did A Poo In The Baby Pool': Parents Reveal Touching (And Hilarious) Moments From Their Child's First Year

The first year of your baby's life brings with it many firsts: their first smile, word, steps, giggle...

Without a doubt it's an emotional time filled with many, many precious memories.

So we decided to reach out to our HuffPost UK Parents community to ask them what their real highlights were from their child's first year.

And although you might think it's just the touching moments that parents' remember fondly, they also cherish the hilariously bad ones, too...

"He said the word 'Mama' without my prompt and I got goosebumps and welled up!"

"By far one of the best - my son's first proper giggle!"

"My daughter pointing to a banana at a fruit and veg stand at nine months old in Kefalonia and saying 'nar-na'. It was her first proper word, and we were all very surprised!"

"The day my son was born after four years of trying and a very traumatic delivery, just being able to hold him in my arms."

"The first time my little girl sneezed and hiccupped. She was so confused with what was happening but it was just the cutest thing to watch!"

"When he did a poo in the baby pool at our holiday place in the south of France. I had to try and scoop it out with a fishing net (which is no easy task as it separates) before other guests came to use the pool!"

"When I couldn't find my daughter, then later found she had climbed into the washing basket just chilling with my whites!"

"The first night my daughter slept through the night! She was nine weeks old and when I heard her crying and saw the time on the clock (7am), I had to check it again!"

"Favourite part of the day was definitely bedtime snuggles – the last feed before bed in the rocking chair after her bath... Her silky hair smelt of baby shampoo and her pudgy, dimply hands would grip my finger."

"The time my son broke his leg aged nine months and had it in plaster. I caught him climbing up his plastic slide and just had time to catch him at the bottom as he came down head first screaming and giggling scary! He's still the same now!"

"When she first smiled, definitely!"

"When he weed on the trainee doctor at one of his check ups!"

"When he learned to say yes so I could get easy compliments when I asked is mummy gorgeous!"

"The day he discovered that by sliding on his bottom gave him the freedom of our wooden floored downstairs..."

"The first time I gave her ice cream... her face was a picture!"

"My little boy was sat with myself and his brother on the sofa just in his nappy and vest watching In The Night Garden when he started making gagging noises.....the dirty little blighter had done a pooh, stuck his finger in his nappy....and licked it!"

"When she first began to pay attention to music! She would sit in her highchair when I was making her lunch and bob her head up and down to the music. In fact, all her baby dancing in general!"

"The time my partner (topless at the time) swiftly gave our baby boy back to me after he had a good go at suckling on him! Haha! The traumatised look on his face!"

"When he learned to crawl and would randomly come over, give me a cuddle and then go and play again it was lovely"

"Trying desperately to get her to sleep through the night (she never did until she was over a year old) yet she'd fall asleep face down in her food. It was a sight..."

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