Bastille Day: 9 Of The Best Places To Drink Champagne To Celebrate In London

Champagne at Kelly and Tom's wedding reception.
Sam Howzit/Flickr
Champagne at Kelly and Tom's wedding reception.

It's Bastille Day! A day for celebrating French independence and all that's good about the glorious nation of France. Namely, champagne.

If you missed some of the French feasts going on all over London last weekend, don't fret -- there's still time to turn it around.

Pop on a stripy top and put your red lipstick on/paint on a moustache. Then head out to one of London's finest champagne bars to celebrate...

Booze + cheese = a combination made in heaven (or hell, depending on how bad your hangovers are and how much weight you want to lose).

Porn star martinis with a 'side' of champagne? Yes, ok, we'll take five...

Because why wouldn't you want a hot dog with your champagne?

They also serve ale in silver goblets so you can pretend you're in 'Lord Of The Rings' when you can't afford any more champagne.

The only thing that can improve small sandwiches and tiny cakes is champagne.

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What else can you do if your train is delayed?

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'Champagne bar and cigar terrace' -- so posh. The perfect location for acting like total baller on Bastille Day.

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If you're going on a Bastille Day bender, why not do it in London's highest champagne bar?

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Roses are red, violets are blue, we like champagne, we think you will too...

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