As Rooftop Film Club Celebrates 'Bill Murray Week', We Give You 10 More Reasons The 'Ghostbusters' Star Is Unique

There's Only One Bill Murray? Here Are 10 More Reasons To Convince You

Bill Murray's most devout fans will be delighted to learn they can pay a week-long homage to their idol, London's outdoor cinema company, Rooftop Film Club, has announced a week-long celebration of Hollywood legend Bill Murray.

Starting on Tuesday 21 July, Bill Murray Week will be hosted at Rooftop Film Club’s Roof East venue in Stratford, featuring a consecutive run of Murray movie classics as-well-as a bespoke cocktail menu inspired by the man himself.

There's only one Bill Murray

Films on the menu include 'Lost in Translation', 'Groundhog Day' and the timeless 'Ghostbusters'. And if these classics aren't reason enough to worship at the altar of the irrepressible Bill Murray, well, here are ten more...

  1. Bill Murray actually bowled the three consecutive strikes at the end of 'Kingpin'
  2. Bill Murray filmed 'Caddyshack' in just six days and improvised all his lines on-the-spot, including the infamous Dalai Lama scene (Additional fact: Bill Murray is actually the co-owner of a restaurant called Caddy Shack with his brothers)
  3. Bill Murray doesn’t have an agent, just an 800 number where people can call and pitch him movies in a voicemail
  4. Bill Murray once walked into a student house party in Scotland, drank some vodka, did their dishes and left
  5. Bill Murray gave Wes Anderson $25,000 to film the helicopter scene in 'Rushmore' despite only being paid $9,000 for his role
  6. Bill Murray once walked up to a man dining at a Wendy’s, snatched a French fry from his meal and, as he left, said “No one will ever believe you.”
  7. When Bill Murray’s beloved Cubs made the playoffs in 2003 he was on location in Italy, however, his contract stipulated that he could watch every game on satellite
  8. While filming 'Groundhog Day', producers asked Bill Murray to hire a personal assistant to improve his communication with the studio. Murray hired a deaf-mute who only spoke in American Sign Language
  9. Bill Murray ‘accidently’ broke Robert DeNiro’s nose while filming ‘Mad Dog and Glory’
  10. Bill Murray randomly guest bartended at an Austin bar during SXSW and no matter what people ordered he served up a straight Tequila

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