Elephant Swimming Pool Installed At Japan's Fuji Safari Park

A safari park in Japan has opened up a elephantine swimming pool for its resident pachyderms.

The attraction was established to allow visitors to examine how the mammals use their legs to swim and reveals how they use the very tips of their trunks to breathe.

At least one thing is for sure... they are already equipped with trunks!

The mammals are enjoying the new pool

The new pool, at Fuji Safari Park, measures at 65 meters in length and is displayed in a transparent arena.

Officials claim that the elephants eat far more now the lido has been installed and they often swim up to three laps a day.

Footage of the tusked herbivores shows them happily paddling up and down the length of the pool.

Daki Takachi, a spokesperson for the park said: "This new facility we built allows people to see what happens underwater, enabling us to understand how the Elephants use their legs to swim.

"(And) how they emerge their nose to the tip of the water to breathe. It's really surprising."

Baby lion cubs can be cuddled by visitors at the zoo

The zoo has also gained media attention for having a somewhat controversial petting zone, where lion cubs as young as three weeks old can be picked up and cuddled.

Photographs are taken of the visitors holding the cubs, although the lions get tired very quickly and often have their eyes shut.

Wild Asian Elephants, Elephas maximus in Khao Yai national park

Elegant Elephants

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