Masturbation Stories: Women Share Excruciatingly Cringeworthy Tales

Amid news that a woman who crashed her Mini Cooper into the back of a fish van was masturbating with a vibrator, here are some other cringeworthy masturbation stories for you to enjoy.

A group of women came together to discuss their worst experiences of the sexually stimulating variety. One recalled enjoying such self-indulgent pleasures on board airplanes, in cars, during meals and even in the company of her parents.

The seed had been planted, she claims, by a friend who recommended: "If you put a pillow between your legs and rub it a bunch - it feels really good".

A woman didn't know what masturbation was and used to do it on planes, in cars and at school

Fair enough, you might think. But while our hero was merrily masturbating on board public transport at the age of 10, it wasn't until some years later that whilst reading Seventeen magazine, that she realised the act is more frequently a private event.

"So I was sat on a plane - in probably about the 5th grade and I had already masturbated on the plane - not knowing what it was," she confesses.

And let's not even go into what her parents made of her activities...

Another interviewee revealed how her group of friends used to throw parties and all "do it together", though she insists she did not partake in the routine.

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