Fox Hunter Calls Nicola Sturgeon A 'Little Cranky Lady'

Nicola Sturgeon torpedoed David Cameron's attempt to water down the Hunting Act because she is a "little cranky lady", according to one fox hunter.

This morning the government abandoned a planned Commons vote due on Wednesday after the SNP decided to ditch its tradition of not voting on English-only matters and indicate it would join Labour and anti-hunt Tories to vote down the change.

During a debate on fox hunting on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme, fox hunter Penelope Davies-Brown hit out at the SNP.

"I think it is entirely disingenuous to try and get us to believe this is anything other than a political attempt to cock a snoot at the current government. It has absolutely nothing to do with animal rights in England," she complained.

Addressing SNP MP Drew Hendry, she said she did not imagine his constituents "give a fig about what goes on in English fields and pastures".

She added: "His own constituents are probably far more urban than rural, the Scottish population is massively spread out. This is literally a little cranky lady trying to punch above her weight."

Hendry said branding the first minister of Scotland and SNP leader a "little cranky lady" was perhaps not a "particularly great way to engage people".

And he added that his Highlands Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey constituency was in fact largely rural and would not take "any lectures" on countryside issues.