Amazon's Website 20 Years Ago Is Almost Unrecognisable

This is Amazon's website. No really. OK so it's not what it looks like today, but 20 years ago Jeff Bezos opened the online book store and in the process started a ball rolling that would later become the world's largest online retailer.

Unique for its 'slow and steady' profit-making business plan Amazon very rarely expects to make a profit on any of the hardware it sells, instead the company invests in the long-term experience.

So while it might not make any money on a Kindle, it's almost certainly going to make that money back with all the books that people then fill it with.

It's an ingenious idea that sets Amazon apart from the competition and despite making its fair share of mistakes, the company has just launched what will be its largest online sale in history: Amazon Prime Day.

So what does look like today? Well lets just say the internet has been kind to Amazon.