Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl Grants Fan's Birthday Wish, Inviting Him On Stage To Drum With Band (VIDEO)

Rockstars usually have a reputation for being a bit mean and scary, but in the case of Dave Grohl, that could not be further from the truth.

The Foo Fighters frontman cemented hims reputation as the nicest man in rock when he made one fan’s dream come true on their birthday.

The singer invited Anthony Bifolchi up on stage, to drum with the band at a gig in Toronto last week.

Dave Grohl

Anthony arrived at the concert with a banner asking “It’s my birthday, can I play drums?”. Dave spotted the sign and granted the excited fan’s wish.

However, when Anthony asked to play on the band’s biggest hit ‘Best Of You’, Dave jokingly drew the line, saying: “You ain’t playing that f**king song.”

He eventually got to do his thing on ‘Big Me’, with Dave later hailing Anthony as “actually pretty good”.

The gig was one of the band’s first after they were forced to cancel a string of dates when Dave broke his leg during a performance last month.

The frontman is now playing the current leg of the tour while sat on a throne, thanks to his injury.

Dave sat on his throne

Earlier this week, Foo Fighters announced the rescheduled UK shows that the were forced to cancel, and it is also rumoured that they will headline Glastonbury in 2016, after being forced to pull out of their Pyramid Stage slot this year.

Foo Fighters

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