Tube Strike Plans Slammed By David Cameron Who Claims Drivers Are "Well Paid"

David Cameron has slammed "well paid" Tube drivers in the House of Commons PMQ's, just days after the announcement that London Underground drivers are to stage another 24-hour strike in a dispute over night services.

His remarks came after Harrow East MP Bob Blackman said to the PM: "Go further and state to this House and the people of this country that strikes in essential services should be absolutely the last resort and not a negotiating tactic?"

Raising his voice, the Prime Minister replied: "The people driving these trains are well paid," and agreed that strikes should be a "last resort".

David Cameron has slammed striking tube drivers

Cameron's response in full was: "I think the whole country will agree with my honourable friend: They should only ever be a last resort. Frankly, with regard to the London Tube services, the people driving these trains are well paid, and they are getting a pay rise and the chance of a bonus.

"It is absolutely right that we publish the Trade Union Bill today and we take these important steps—that a strike should not go ahead unless there is a 50% turnout and in essential services there should be an additional threshold of 40% support for the strike.

"The fact is this: People affected by these strikes do not get to vote. That is why it is right to have these thresholds. I think the whole country will see a Labour party utterly in hock to the trade unions and a Conservative Government wanting to sort this out for hard-working families."

On the 9th of July, London's biggest tube strike in 13 years saw the capital struggle to get to work.

Tube driver Seb Michnowicz claimed the strike was entirely justified in his blog post for the Huffington Post UK and said: "(working the night tube) Is akin an office manager telling their 9-to-5 staff that they are to work from 2 o'clock in the afternoon to 10 at night without asking if that's alright".

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