How To Get A Toned Bum: Four Exercises You Can Do At Home


Want to get those glutes looking super-toned? Fitness expert Hannah Rees has four brilliant exercises to make your bum so toned, it could easily hold a pencil. Or not.

Exercise 1: Curtsy Lunge

Start with your feet side by side. Pass one leg behind the other backwards and diagonally.

Bend your knees, making sure you distribute your weight evenly through both feet, and then come back to your start position.

You can speed this one up for a more cardiovascular exercise to get your heartbeat going that bit faster.

Exercise 2: Glute Bridge

Lie on your back with your knees up towards the ceiling, and your feet a shoulder width apart.

With your hands by your side, push your hips up towards the ceiling to create a straight line between your knees and shoulders.

Keep your glutes nice and tight throughout this exercise, and return to the floor keeping your hips controlled.

You can repeat this exercise faster to give a more intense burn.

(Be careful to not raise your hips to high, as this might cause damage to your neck.)

Exercise 3: Glute Kickback

Position yourself on all fours, keeping your abs nice and tight.

Send one leg up towards the ceiling at a 90 degree angle, and return it back down again to the floor.

Don't forget to breathe and keep your abs engaged - you can pulse at the top to make it the exercise harder.

Exercise 4: Step-up And Kick Back

You'll need a box for this one.

Step one foot on to the box driving your weight through the heel, keeping the other leg out behind you.

Keep facing forward with your torso nice and strong, and then return back down to the floor.

Repeat this on alternating legs, and speed up to make the exercise more cardiovascular.

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