Dad Demonstrates 17 Alternative Ways To Hold A Baby In Comical Video That's Gone Viral

Babies are adorable, but holding them can be slightly intimidating, especially if you haven't had a lot of practice.

YouTube user Jordan Watson - a dad from New Zealand - uploaded a comical guide for the uninitiated that demonstrates 17 ways to hold a baby - and it's gone viral.

Since uploading on 26 June, the video has received more than two million views.

Clearly, some of positions are more humourous than practical - we're not sure how many parenting guides suggest the "show off to other kids fish" hold - but they're all pretty cute.

Here's three of our favourites.

1. The Baby Jesus

2. The Stinky Nappy For Me

3. The Bird On A Wire

Any more hold to suggest?

Dan Osborne and son Teddy.

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