Prince William's Colleague Gemma Mullen Leaves Sarah Vine Pitying The Duchess Of Cambridge

Prince William Returns To Work With Woman, Daily Mail Forgets It's 2015

The Duchess of Cambridge must be utterly furious with her husband - the man has the cheek to land himself a female colleague.

Yes you heard that right, the Prince will be working with an actual woman in his new position with the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Even worse, Dr Gemma Mullen is good looking.

That’s what Sarah Vine seems to think anyway.

In her latest Daily Mail column, entitled ‘This foxy flying doc makes me pity Kate’, Vine implies that the Duchess should be unhappy about her husband working with “a more fun version of Kate”.

Apparently Kate “remains under house arrest, lactating like a prize Friesian” following the birth of her daughter Charlotte.

And goodness, the Prince’s new colleague even manages look like a normal human being in her uniform, “rocking that orange jumpsuit like it was Prada”.

Because we all know how much the Duchess struggles to look glamorous.

Twitter users also seemed somewhat incensed by the piece…

In fairness, Vine’s description of the frustrations of caring for a small child, including singing The Wheels On The Bus “seven million times in a single day” did seem to strike a chord with some…

While others expressed their own pity towards the writer, who is married to Michael Gove…

The Mail also ran a profile piece on Dr Mullen today, discussing her relationship and similarities to Prince William.


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