18/07/2015 00:01 BST | Updated 17/07/2016 06:12 BST

Nick Robinson To Explore Sir Alex Ferguson's Career Success In BBC Documentary

Nick Robinson is swapping the Palace of Westminster for the Theatre of Dreams for a new documentary about the career of Sir Alex Ferguson.

The journalist, a Manchester United fan, will quiz the team's former manager about his leadership style which saw the club dominate English football during his time in charge.

Robinson, who recently announced he will be leaving his position as BBC political editor to join the Today Programme, said: "I've spent my career watching and analysing leaders for a living but I never saw one to match Sir Alex.

"Like a general leading troops into battle or the chief executive of a mighty corporation, he succeeded so much and survived for so long because he understood people - how to motivate them, how to discipline them and how to inspire them.

"I'm look forward to exploring the secrets of Sir Alex's success not just by talking to him but about him with other leaders in public life, the military and business.

"My aim is as much to see what he can teach us about leadership off as well as on the pitch."

The BBC One show, which has a working title Sir Alex Ferguson: Secrets Of Success, will air later this year.

Sir Alex said: "Figuring out what it takes to win trophies with a round ball differs from the challenges facing the leaders of companies like BP, Marks and Spencer, Vodafone or Apple, or the people who run large hospitals, universities or global charities.

"Yet there are traits that apply to all winners and to organisations whose leaders aspire to win. I look forward to sitting down with Nick and I am confident that this programme will appeal to people in all walks of life."