Weight Loss Stories: Woman Loses 13 Stone After Breaking The Bed (Twice) And Inspires Her Partner To Get Slim Too


A woman who once weighed 24 stone decided to go on a serious diet after breaking a hotel bed not once, but twice.

Nanette Young, 39, was holidaying in Greece when the bed collapsed under her size 32 frame.

When the couple returned from the holiday in 2013, Young decided to overhaul her lifestyle and inspired her partner Melanie Ramsdale, 30, to do the same.

The couple ditched takeaways and pub food for healthy alternatives and started taking their dog, Teddy, for regular walks. Now, Young weighs 11st 5lbs and wears a size 12, while Ramsdale is 9st and a size eight.

Melanie Ramsdale (L) and Nanette Young

Before she decided to go on a diet Young became so paranoid that she would break other people's furniture that she started carrying her own chair around with her.

"It was the most embarrassing moment of my life when the bed broke, I just couldn't believe it," she said.

"I went to sit down and the frame just went, then after that I lay down and another part broke too."

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The couple post weight loss with dog Teddy

Weight Loss Success

The couple joined Slimming World and have been nominated for Slimming World's Couple Of The Year 2015.

"We turned our weight loss into a bit of a competition and were overwhelmed by each other's success," Young said, according to MailOnline.

"When the pounds started to drop off it was so rewarding for us, we feel so much more adventurous and have so much more energy.

"I can barely recognise myself when I catch my reflection in the mirror, I often end up having to double-take as I look so much better now."