Vodafone's 'Family Time' App Allows Parents To Switch Off Wi-Fi At Dinner And Set An Internet 'Bedtime'

Parents of teens will no doubt know the feeling of their son or daughter being glued to their phone at the dinner table.

But a grand idea from Vodafone allows parents to switch off the internet on all phones and tablets in the house simply by the click of a button.

Yes, really.

Parents will be able to control the internet through an app on their phone, which then sends a message to the router and turns it off.

A spokesperson for Vodafone told HuffPost UK Parents: "We know how important fast, reliable broadband is to all our lives, but we also wanted to give people - especially parents, control over it.

"We've introduced features into a companion app that works seamlessly with our new broadband service to easily set the hours of access and to ‎turn it off.

"Broadband is important, but so is spending some time without the temptation to share snaps of your meals at dinner time!"

The app - as part of the 'Family Time' service - will also allow you to add special guest internet network so visitors can use the web without having to find out the wireless internet code.

With the switch of a button, parents will be able to set limits on internet usage and introduce times throughout the day when wireless is not available - such as dinner time.

Through the app, parents can also set a 'bedtime' for the internet, and turn it off between certain hours of the day or night.

Jeroen Hoencamp, chief executive of Vodafone, told ThisIsMoney: "To be able to use the Family Time service, customers must have a Vodafone internet service at home.

"It is now available in Manchester, Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey, and will be rolled out across the UK."

Although currently you have to have a Vodafone broadband service to use this, non-Vodafone customers will be able to sign up later in the year, but will pay £5 a month more.

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