Dreamscope App Uses Google's Deep Dream To Make Really Cool Photo Filters

Someone Has Turned Google's Dream Robot Into A Really Cool Photo Filter

Google's dream robot technology has been used to develop a freaky photo filter that inserts furry animals and psychedelic swirls into photos.

The Internet giant has been working on new ways to analyse data. Its Deep Dream project attempts to replicate how the brain interprets information.

But the technology has now been used to interpret photographs online, making for a very bizarre, very cool – and somewhat terrifying – visual experience.

Previously picturesque scenes and ordinary objects are transformed with disturbing details, including furry animals and googly eyes.

Dreamscopeapp.com is an Instagram-style website which allows users to upload any image to receive the filter treatment.

Here’s a selection of before and after pictures from the dreamscopeapp.com website:

Google's Deep Dream Produces Some Really Cool Photos

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