People Love R Kelly's Ignition So Much That They've Been Talking About It On A 12 Year Long Thread

R Kelly's 'Ignition (Remix)' was an anthem. We know it, you know it, everybody knows it.

But we didn't know that people were still so into it, that they're still contributing to a thread that was started 12 years ago.

On 15 June 2003, someone with the username 'J0hn Darn1elle' started a thread on ilXor.com, titled '100 Reasons Why Ignition Remix Is So Damned Great'.

He kicked off with number 1, which was: "The rhythm is really insistent without being hard - it's got this sort of bossanova groove, just bubbling under the song, easing it gently but irresistibly across."

They reached 100 reasons within a day, and the R Kelly bants continued, until the thread reached it's natural conclusion -- Ignition is, in fact, the best song in the whole world.

Then four months later, 'M Matos' popped on to say: "355. I just heard this for the first time last week and I'm still recovering. Also, this is the greatest thread ever."

In 2007, 'teeny' revived the thread, just to say 'still great' (we agree). In 2009, it was hailed the 'ultimate weekend song'.

Someone returned to the thread in 2010 to boldly claim: "I think it's both a universal standard hit song and an extension of Kelly's catalog. I wasn't trying to imply that it was an outlier or anything -- it's just so perfectly constructed to me that it's almost inhuman."

And 12 years after the original post, people are still coming back to declare their love.

Who can blame them?