23/07/2015 08:28 BST | Updated 23/07/2016 06:12 BST

Richard Hammond Returns With Jungle Quest In The Amazon

Top Gear's Richard Hammond is set to make a TV return - on Sky 1.

He will appear in two one-hour episodes in Richard Hammond's Jungle Quest.

The show will see him venturing deep into the Amazon jungle, armed with his camera, photographing exotic animals.

The trip was a long-held ambition, sparked when he received his first Children's Encyclopaedia of Animals as a youngster, said Sky 1.

In an official statement, Hammond said: "Trekking through the Amazon rainforest with a camera to photograph wildlife was a childhood dream.

"The reality was, I discovered, far, far tougher than I had imagined, but the moments when I saw and caught images of the elusive creatures and fleeting encounters that make the place so special, so unique and yet so fragile, were breathtaking and some of the best in my life.

"I hope viewers will feel they have been there too, in this film, getting a sense of the magic, splendour and wonder of the place as animals and humans live side-by-side amidst the threats they face - the very things that Sky Rainforest Rescue campaign works to highlight.

"And most of all, I hope people enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it."

The show has been supported by Sky Rainforest Rescue, the channel's partnership with the World Wildlife Fund.

The show will broadcast in September on Sky 1 HD.